Hello there, thanks for taking a peek at my page!

I’m Cami, better known online as Coefore (which is just the name of my tumblr, actually!), an Italian artist who fell in love with Transformers in 2018. You might have heard of me somewhere because of my love for Megatron or maybe because I took part in a couple of fanzines, yours is the choice. I would have loved to attend TFN physically, being the first ever international con I would have attended and the first con where I would have tabled at, but the world decided I shall wait another year.

My store (Serpentskirts), besides Transformers, has a variety of merchandise for sale, but if you’re here for the ‘bots, I have some prints available, an IDW Megatron keychain and a Seeker keychain on pre-order right now! But if you’re just skimming through my art to get to know me, you can check either my Twitter account or my Tumblr!

Of course, if you’re more inclined to ask a commission, question etc. or send an inquiry, use either my twitter DMs or my email, :) 

Thanks again and hopefully we’ll meet next year, this time for real!

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