Another year and another Lockdown, not quite the sequel we were all hoping for! But hey, not all sequels are a bad thing and with that in mind, last year we made the TFNation Colouring and Activity Book free to download. So why not do that again? Well we didn’t have a new Colouring and Activity Book to hand...

But when has TFNation let that sort of thing interfere with a good idea? So a few quick (you might say panicked - but you weren’t there, you can’t prove anything) calls to some TFN friends and hey presto - the TFNation Colouring & Activity Book 2 was born! With 41 pages of puzzles, quizzes and lovely pictures for you to colour in.

So what are you waiting for? Download a copy from the link below: 

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Thanks to Kris Carter, Ed Pirrie, Gavin Spence, Kris Smith, Andrew Turnbull & Stuart Webb for their assistance.

And if you missed out on the first book, don’t worry it’s still available from the link below:

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