For TFNation 2019 we produced a Colouring and Activity book to help occupy fellow TFNationals of all ages during the (brief and rare) gaps in our jam-packed weekend. Sadly due to current events people suddenly have a lot more time on their hands and fewer options available to occupy it. With that in mind, we thought we'd try and do our bit to help people relax and maybe switch off a little and what better way to do that, than busting out the felt tips and crayons and colour a few fantastic images from all corners of the wonderful world of Transformers.

So if you want you can avail yourself of a free hi-resolution PDF of the Colouring and Activity Book from the link below: 

Right click here to save

With thanks to the following lovely and talented souls who helped make the book happen in the first place - Lem Borghini, Kris Carter, Matt Dallas, Nate Hammond, Herzspalter, Andrew Kiernan, James Marsh, Chris McFeely, Sora Pereira, Chris Phillips, Ben Pirrie, Ed Pirrie, Gavin Spence, Karl Thurgood, Andrew Turnbull, Stuart Webb and Adam Worden. The eagle-eyed among you who picked up the book at TFNation 2019 might notice a couple of extra pages in this version...