You’re in for a real deep treat with TFNation 2023, as our next voice actor is locked in and loaded: please join us in welcoming the one and only David Sobolov to Birmingham next summer!

Sobolov’s voice has accompanied the childhoods of many Transformers fans ever since Beast Wars, in which he played Depth Charge, and later Transformers: Prime, where he voiced the one-eyed purple scientist, Shockwave.

That’s not all, of course, as you will also have heard him voice Blitzwing in the successful Bumblebee movie!

In the summer of 2023, just in time for TFNation, Sobolov will be returning to the big screen in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts where he will be portraying the Maximal Rhinox and yet another Bumblebee-hating antagonist: Battletrap!

David Sobolov will be joining us for TFNation 2023, making your spines tremble with his deep octaves. Stay tuned for more details on the TFNation website -- where All Are One!

(Please note: David Sobolov, like all guests, appears at TFNation strictly subject to professional commitments, and all advertised guest lists are subject to change without notice. All panel rooms are subject to capacity limits. Terms and Conditions of sale apply on this small world and all others, Cybertron being no exception)