TFNation 2023 is on the horizon. Mark the occasion with a style accessory that’s more... much more than meets the eye! 

Dare to zoom OUTSIDE THE CITY in TFNation’s hot new CITY VIEW SHADES! 

Presented in a striking red (with prototype-homage orange also available), CITY VIEW SHADES bring hands-free tech-spec decoder capabilities to human optics for the first time! 

Advanced STAY CLOSE TO ME technology allows a neck loop to be added for ultimate security. (Neck loop not included) 

Transforms from Pocket Mode to Face Mode... AND BACK AGAIN! 



CITY VIEW SHADES are available in very limited numbers from the TFNation 2023 website for the next seven days, with collection at the convention.

If you have not yet bought your TFNation 2023 tickets, you’ll find these, and CITY VIEW SHADES, all conveniently in the same place! Just add everything you’d like to your basket and then proceed to the checkout!

If you've already bought your TFNation 2023 tickets, you still need to go to the same page linked above. Just leave the ticket day selection set to “No”, and then go straight to adding CITY VIEW SHADES to your basket! (You need to be logged into the account you bought your tickets with)

As with tickets, we accept payment via all major credit and debit cards.



  • These glasses are costume props only. 
  • Adult supervision is recommended. 
  • Not intended for use as UV protection. 
  • Not intended for use as safety glasses. 
  • Do not use whilst driving or operating machinery. 
  • Never look into direct sunlight. Or incoming Decepticon attacks. 
  • Excessive Transforming may cause damage. 
  • Glasses do not actually enable you to zoom outside the city. But the tech-spec part is surprisingly good!