Dear TFNationals,

We have been made aware of an email that is circulating, claiming to offer TFNation "attendee lists" for sale.

We have thoroughly investigated this and are confident that no data leak has taken place; the emails make incorrect assertions about our attendance numbers and offer to provide information which TFNation neither holds, nor requests in the first place.

An internet search has revealed this is a common scam targeting the events industry. Sadly, it is just an unwanted side-effect of TFNation's growing popularity that scam-bots are now noticing us.

Nevertheless, our Tech-Bots have undertaken extra tests today, just for your peace of mind.  (As an additional measure, Law-Bot's alert status has been temporarily raised to "not best pleased")

If you receive such an email, for your own protection, please do not respond to, or engage with the scammers. 

This is a good opportunity to remind you that TFNation takes your data protection very seriously. TFNation is an officially registered data processor with the Information Commissioner's Office.  As well as using various security measures on our website, we also utilise secure, third-party payment gateway systems such as Stripe, which means TFNation neither receives nor holds your payment details. 

Thanks for your concern, folks. Don't fall for any Decepticon-shenanigans today; always read your emails carefully.

- TFN Crew