Calling all TFNationals,

With the TFN crew now finalising plans for our fifth annual convention, we ask you to please put down your energon goodies and spare a moment to read this important TFNation 2020 ticket information. Whether a new or returning attendee, this information will prove essential to ensuring your booking process goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. Please excuse us whilst we are Transforming

The TFN Techbots are hard at work updating our website's software, ready for next year's ticket launch. So don't be alarmed if you see any changes in the coming months. Once the work is complete, we'll contact you again to give you the tour!

Please note - Genny's insisted we let you know that, contrary to popular opinion, she's not our webserver. They've met and they're on good terms - but they're not the same bot. Just throwing that out there.

  1. Launch Day

Ticket launch day details will be communicated to you shortly, but in order to assist your planning and budgeting, we want to let you know we'll be looking at a February 2020 launch window. Further details to follow.

  1. Ticket Prices

Try as we might, we've accepted the fact we're going to have to apply a price rise in 2020. Rather than springing this on you in February, like some kind of dirty Decepticon shenanigans, we want to give you the heads up now so you can budget for the extra £5.00 to £10.00 per adult. We also want to take a moment to explain the decision.

Over the last four years we've done our best to freeze prices whenever possible. We work long hours, without payment, to try and keep your weekend as affordable as we can and we think we've done a pretty good job. But the reality is, with attendance almost doubling since our first year, the convention has become much more expensive to run, particularly in the last two years.

We want to allow attendance to rise naturally so as many fans as possible can enjoy TFN; but the other side to this shanix is costs go up along with attendance. Larger hall space and audio visual support needs to be hired, for longer periods of time to keep our attendees entertained.

We've thought long and hard about prices and we've come to the decision that a price rise, in exchange for TFNation continuing to provide the best possible convention experience, is our preferred way forwards. With this in mind, please see our new pricing structure below. As you'll see, we've done our best to ensure young adults and children are still able to attend the convention absolutely free of charge - because TFNation is for everybody.

£75.00 Adult Weekend 18 - 59 years
£25.00 Senior Weekend 60 and over
£0.00 Young Adult Weekend 16 - 17 years
£0.00 Child Weekend 0 - 15 years


£45.00 Adult Saturday 18 - 59 years
£20.00 Senior Saturday 60 and over
£0.00 Young Adult Saturday 16 - 17 years
£0.00 Child Saturday 0 - 15 years


£35.00 Adult Sunday 18 - 59 years
£10.00 Senior Sunday 60 and over
£0.00 Young Adult Sunday 16 - 17 years
£0.00 Child Sunday 0 - 15 years

When considering our prices it's always worth remembering a few key points;

  • Unlike most similar conventions, TFNation ticket prices entitle you to request an autograph from every guest in Europe's largest Transformers trading hall - the gigantic Monarch Suite - at no additional charge.
  • Young adults may attend absolutely free of charge.
  • Children may also attend for no charge - we just ask they're accompanied by an adult. (Up to three children per ticket-holding adult).
  • Day tickets entitle you to visit our trading hall and panel rooms on your chosen day.
  • The Weekend Ticket not only allows you access to both trading days (Saturday and Sunday) and all panels, but also provides three exclusive incentives;
    • Exclusive access to our Friday programme. This is a full day of panels and entertainment from the TFN crew, fans and guests alike. (Please note, the Trading hall is not open on Friday).
    • Early access to the Trader Hall ahead of day ticket entry, on Saturday morning.
    • Exclusive access to our Saturday evening Clubcon showpiece event! In previous years Clubcon has played host to musical performances, acting, comedy improv', quizzes and other live performances. What will we have in store for you this year? Grab your weekend ticket to find out!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. As you'll probably expect, our full ticket terms and conditions will be announced nearer to the time - but we think it's only fair to update our amazing attendees as soon as we are able to, where budget is concerned.

TFNation 2020 will take place from 14th - 16th August 2020, at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel in Birmingham, UK. We look forward to celebrating our fifth birthday with as many of you as possible! For updates join our mailing list at