Allow us to indulge in the world of comics a little longer, as we introduce the next returning guest to TFNation 2020: fan-favourite writer and artist, and hot international comics property, Nick Roche!

In the world of The Transformers, Roche is best known to fans for bringing to life some of the franchise's most acclaimed stories, in the Wreckers Saga (Last Stand of the Wreckers as co-author and artist, and almost single-handedly on Sins of.. and Requiem of..). Currently, he is still collaborating with IDW Publishing, with covers for their new narrative universe for our favourite robo-characters.

Well known and somehow not avoided in comic-world, Roche is still working on projects for 2000AD and drawing covers for various Marvel titles, as well as interiors on mini-series Monster Motors (with Brian Lynch), Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man, New Warriors, Death's Head, to name a few.We also have confirmation that his new creator-owned project with IDW will have been announced and possibly published by the time TFNation rolls around!

Nick Roche will be attending the convention all weekend, trying to eat a sandwich while still drawing commissions, chatting way too much to everyone, and generally being too nice for his own good! We look forward to welcoming him and all of you to TFNation 2020. Stay tuned for more updates!

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