Long term TFNation attendees will note that our 2018 bedroom allocation does not include Family rooms when booking their stay… however, there is more to this than meets the eye.

TFNation and the Hilton Birmingham Metropole share a great relationship. Our attendees are well behaved, respectful and a lot of fun and this reflects on TFNation and all of you when we are working with the Hilton to ensure the experience is the best possible. However. an issue has emerged around the booking of family rooms. Through analysing TFNation’s bookings over the last few years, it is apparent that some attendees are booking family rooms for very small parties, and in some instances just for a single person.

The hotel and TFNation are saddened by this development. It means that as a result of a minority of people, we find ourselves in the position that these rooms are not available when families are looking to book their accommodation. This is all the more upsetting when considering that to some families, often including groups of young children, the availability of these rooms can make of break their chances of attending. As an event which prides itself on being family friendly, this is not a situation that we or the Hilton could allow to continue.

Much to the Hilton’s credit, Family rooms have not been taken away from us. This is a great gesture, as these rooms are provided at the hotel’s discretion in any event. Going forward a new booking system has been put in place to ensure that these rooms are only reserved by groups who genuinely need them. We have not requested this, but we understand the reasons behind it.

I need to book a family room for myself and my nearest and dearest. How do I go about doing this?

Once you have purchased your TFNation tickets, you will be provided with the option to book regular bedrooms. You will also be provided with a telephone number, should you wish to book a family room. You will need to call the number and tell the operator that you are attending the “TFNation Transformers Convention”. Importantly, you will also have to tell them the convention dates, and the specific hotel where the convention is being held. This is because Hilton utilises worldwide booking systems, so you the person you are speaking is not guaranteed to be basedat the Birmingham site.

Availability and rates will be discussed with you over the telephone, once you have explained the size of your party.

Please note that TFNation will not have any direct input into these rooms, their availability or their rates. If we are asked questions about them, all we will be able to do is relate you back to this information post. 

We appreciate this is not an ideal system for our attendees. Likewise, this system provides more work for the hotel (it is much easier to sell rooms online). Sadly, this is a necessary measure which has had to be taken in response to previous bookings of these room types. We applaud the Hilton for working with us and being proactive in trying to find a way to ensure that these rooms only go to the people who need them the most. If you are a single traveller, or part of a pair, please consider a smaller room option, as this will not only reduce your costs, but will give attendees with children the chance to experience TFNation.

Thank you for your understanding.