Transmission ID: 00023
Operation: That Fantastic Friday Feeling

TFNation 2018 starts with "Fan Friday", in which we offer YOU, the Transformers community, the chance to conduct an officially supported panel before the main programming begins. Maybe you are one of the faces/voices/hands of the Transformers YouTube community, or perhaps you are part of a podcast crew, bringing Transformers information to the airways, or part of an online collector community (website, Facebook, or otherwise) or you just have an interesting story to tell. Whatever the reason, head over to, where you can apply for a TFNation panel slot.

Each panel has a running time of 50 minutes (if you would like longer then please ask, though please note we may not be able to accommodate). You just need to give us some information on what you are looking to do, such as:

1) Who you are
2) What you are looking to talk about / show
3) What equipment you will need 

Do note that TFNation is a family-friendly event, and the content of all panels must reflect this. Our venue's panel room can hold several hundred people and our AV team will be on site to help you set up and adjust issues during your time.

'Fan Friday' gives you a chance to speak to your followers face to face, as well as reach a new, attentive audience who have come together from around the globe to talk all things Transformers. A limited number of slots is available, so make sure you apply as early as possible!

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Further transmissions to follow.

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