Transmission ID: 00004
Operation: Seaspray in a Display

We are looking to gauge interest in a Custom Figure showcase for TFNation 2018, where attendees will be able to show their skills and crafts in a dedicated location in The Forge. Do you create customs, be they simple paintjobs, scratch builds, junker repurposings, add-ons, or mash-ups? We want to hear from you!

If enough interest is expressed, we are planning on locating the Custom / Kitbash feature in The Forge, and the figures displayed in lockable glass cabinets for all attendees to peruse and admire. We will create online forms for interested parties to fill in, asking for the name of the entry, rough size of the figure and ticket reference (only ticket holders will be able to display their custom work at this time). The custom entries must relate to Transformers, but can use any base molds, figures, or systems available.

This is not a competition, simply a way to showcase your work to other fans! If the display is successful, there are plans to expand the focus on custom work, in the form of panels and competitions for future TFNation events.

Does showing off your custom work to an expected audience of over 1000 fans appeal to you? Let us know, and help us make the display area a reality for TFNation 2018!

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