Transmission ID: 00007
Operation: Jack and Rule

After the success of his first appearance at TFNation 2017, we are proud and happy to announce the return of artist Jack Lawrence!

One of the several UK-based robot creators hailing from the Transmasters stables - along with Lost Light co-creator James Roberts, also attending the event - Jack has been gracing the interiors and covers of IDW Publishing's fan favourite Transformers title, as well as warming hearts of fans through online presence and event attendance.

Before joining the politically romantic space horror opera that is Lost Light, Jack worked for a wide range of publishers, from Dark Horse to Image, via self-publishing and 2000AD, bringing his skills to characters such as TMNT, Dr Who, Sinister Dexter, and Skylanders.

He is an eager and vocal member of the Dungeons & Dragons community, and table-top gaming in general, and all round nerd. His art can also be found in several collections of reference material for well-love geek franchises, such as Dreamworks' Dragons, Marvel Figurines, and Batman Automobilia.

If you're thinking of getting something signed, you might want to consider purchasing some examples of Jack's work from Amazon - please click the links below to see the individual listings;

Transformers Lost Light: Volume 1:

Transformers Lost Light: Volume 2:

Transformers Lost Light: Volume 3:

Jack will be signing autographs, selling sketches and artwork, including commissions, in our guest area all weekend. Launch tickets, bedrooms, pricing, further guests and activities will be announced in the coming months. Keep monitoring this frequency. If you want to ensure all communications are intercepted, join our mailing list at

Further transmissions to follow.

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