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Operation: A Crafty Announcement

We are very pleased to announce THE FORGE has been expanded for TFNation 2018, in order to showcase even more talented people from the creative side of the Transformers fan community. To find out more about those attending, take a look below, and make sure to stop by to browse, peruse, purchase, or just say hi!

Also known as Umi Miyao, Coralus has been drawing robots for years specifically for Transformers and is now working under third party companies as a comic artist. She is also currently creating an original Transformers comic that is going to be presented at her table, along with other adorable fun stuffs, such as the famous Kittyformers and chibi versions of Transformers.

Lem & Chaozrael - two German artists shared table bringing you a broad variety of merch you simply need in your lives! Chaozrael is best known for their cosplay works and will provide you with props, helmets, masks, some print media and a cosplay book.
Mixed media comic artist and Robot-Couture fashion designer, Lem brings her second generation of 'Ener-johnnies' apparel and accessories line, but also original paintings for you to choose from.
In case of rumors of these two being somewhat involved into any bounty hunting activity (tm) or shady Cybertronian businesses - don't believe a single word!

Zee is a fan artist with a penchant for all things robot and the Transformers Animated style in particular. She is eternally salty that Hasbro has never produced any TFA Perceptor merchandise and will be selling some herself. Products offered will include stickers and post cards, as well as a few soft items featuring Transformers Animated fan art.

Amature Doodler Scribbler and Splatterer of lines on paper! Drawing a bit of everything, constantly improving my style and techniques.
Come by my table for prints and sketches old & new, plus Khaosenvy Anthology issue 1! See you all there!
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumble, Vero, Patreon : Khaosenvy
Etsy: KhaosenvyArt

Beth (Andernell) is a UK Illustrator and aspiring comic artist from the rainy coast of Suffolk, currently freelancing and working on personal projects, as well as colourist for the Transformers original comic ‘Tales of Crystal City’ by artist Coralus & writer Peri. 
Sharing a table this year with Cara (Themanlylobster), an illustrator from London who cannot be stopped when it comes to drawing long necked noodly armed TFs. Avid transformers fans and lover of all robots who are excited to bring a variety of pins, prints, stickers, charms, and other merchandise inspired by the many Transformer continuities.
Tumblr: / 
Twitter: @Andernell / @Themanlylobster

Hailing from Scotland, Zero has been freelancing for the last two years, covering a wide range of traditional and digital commissions and fan works, with a wealth of influences and styles. He'll have a selection of prints and trading cards available as well as work featured in Toy-Fu's Masterforce zine, The Refined Robot Co. zine, and will also be contributing to TFNation's 2018 creative output. If you like heavy details, loud colours and some obscure characters, be sure to stop by his table.
Twitter: @zerokaiser85

I’m Nathan Webb, a freelance illustrator. I write the Trivia and produce art for Space Ape’s Earth Wars live stream on Thursday nights. I’ve also got a comic strip in this years Toy-Fu charity comic. But the biggest thing I’ve done recently is self publish issue 1 of Britformers (hopefully printed in time for TFNation).

Eph is an illustrator who stumbled into the Transformers fandom some time ago and decided it's an awesome place to be in. She enjoys drawing the robots we know and love in many, many bright colors and with a semi-realistic style. She has contributed to many fan-run projects and hopes to continue doing so in the future.
Shibara is a board-game enthusiast, sci-fi lover, passionate aquarist, and fine-arts student. She has been working in freelance illustration for the past decade, with a strong focus on all things Transformers since joining the fandom in 2012. She’s been developing several personal and group projects within it, and hopes to continue doing so for years to come. 
Like most artists, Loosescrews is always learning. Like most creative freaks, is socially inept and pretty reclusive, but thanks to this lovely combination, this artist has made and met some fantastic friends online within the Transformers community, and has never felt more inspired and driven. Currently studying animation at university. Booyah!

I'm a freelance artist who enjoys drawing, discussing (rambling on Twitter) and collecting Transformers. I'll be selling mostly A4 prints of comic cover homages and esoteric ideas conjured from said Twitter ramblings
Twitter: @Jamesmarsh83

Nate is a Welsh artist who resides by the sea in sunny Devon. Now attending his third TFNation (his second in the forge) Nate is looking forward to seeing you all and trying to get you to buy a print of Daniel Witwicky!
Twitter: @Natephoenix83

Crono of Lullishop will be selling her crafts at TFNation 2018 including necklaces and badges / magnets of characters from the IDW Transformers series, Beast Wars, Transformers Animated, Prime, Rescue Bots and the 2015 RiD animated series. You can check out her work at her Storenvy (, Tumblr account ( and can find her on Twitter @cronosiem.

Hinomars19, anime and manga art man! For Transformers I mostly do Fan art and am currently writing a fanfic light novel (which will hopefully be available at TFN!) and toy customs. I'm also one of those naughty scoundrels who does comic art and packaging art for 3rd party toys! Spank me! I'm currently knee deep in my own original manga.

A fan artist and convention-goer from Scotland, dabbling in anything that plays to my interest, such ase Transformers, Cardfight Vanguard, Yu-Gi-Oh and various other works of fiction. Previous work has been for Varg Veum (2014), as well as previous convention work for Auto Assembly. Vanessa will be selling prints, key-rings, and mugs!

A Russian and a Swiss artists brought together by The Power Of Love... for Transformers! Making their return to The Forge after amazing last year, once again with many fresh prints, stickers, badges and more. They will not do any art commissions on the spot but check out their blogs for pre-show ones!
Twitter: @larry_draws, @Herzspalter

Lauren will be selling a range of unique products from art prints and tote bags to charms and embroidery patches!
Twitter: @PinkBird_Tweets

I am a 3D sculptor and print illustrator, and I've been working on various sculpts of some of my favourite Transformers characters. I use z brush and I hope to 3D print in resin in large/medium scale statues. These are more for display on the day, unless someone takes an interest in buying one or commissioning me - I really just want to showcase my skills as a sculptor and the kind of packages I've used to create them as home 3D printing becomes more and more exciting and accessible. I also use these 3D Transformers sculpts to create detailed illustrative work for print and I'm hoping on the day to have a few of these prints for sale.

Hi, I’m Mat, I’ve been a tattooist for nearly 20 years. Over the past few years I’ve decided to branch out with my artwork and started making prints, books, stickers etc. In my own graffiti based cartoon style. I love anything geeky, movies, cartoons, games, comics, toys. Also growing up in the 80’s  transformers was one of my top favourite things, which makes tabling at TFN,  the first convention I’ve worked, even more awesome. Hope you like what I bring?

Lyrica is a Freelance artist, mostly known for her cartoon work and background in Animation. Her work features mostly Transformers Animated, including comics, animations, and illustrations.

I will be selling homemade embroidered patches, and I also plan to have acrylic charms and stickers.

Will have a wide variety of items for sale including:
Flags - Standard size can be flown outside, and smaller ones for decorating your walls.
Lasered Goods - We have both a fiber laser, and a carbon one. We'll bring mostly the light up LED based things, and Wooden etched robots. Likely we'll have Dogtags and Coins as well. Wall Scrolls, Safe For Work Dakimakura, Mousepads, Charms, Keychains, and Novelty Currency are all within our capabilities and will be made to order as convention season draws near.

The folks from Transmasters UK (or TMUK for short) will be back in The Forge again this year with a dizzying array of fanzines, art and other exciting items!

Behind the table will be Gav Spence (you'll be familiar with his work from last year's Trial and Error Graphic Novel), Ben Pirrie (who has provided art for the last two TFNation Convention Programmes), and, making his first appearance at TFNation, Garry Bodsworth, a veteran of the TF convention and fanzine scene in the UK. They'll be assisted by TFN crew members Andy Turnbull and Ed Pirrie when their busy schedules permit. What will you find at the table? A whole host of prints, sketchcards, postcards, fanzines and fancomics written and illustrated by not only this fearsome fivesome but a whole host of other talented TMUK members. And if you ask nicely the boys will be more than happy to do a few one-off sketches and commissions.
Best of all, it's all for a good cause: the money you hand over at the table will be going to charity organisation Mary's Meals, just like our colleagues at Toy-Fu. So we hope to see as many of you as possible over the weekend!

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