Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 00038
Operation: TFNation Exclusive: Trial And Error - 2nd Printing Orders Closed

After the popular demand asked for more copies of TFNation Attendee Exclusive Trial and Error graphic novel, the crew were able to arrange a second printing of the book.

This message is to communicate that the orders for the above are now closed and we are no longer able to accept any further. If you have ordered a book but have not received a confirmation response from the crew, or do not receive one within the next 3 hours, please check your spam folders. If you are certain to have placed an order, but have no confirmation at all, please email so we can ensure that we replied to your correct email address.

We will be in touch within the next week with details of how to pay for your orders along with a number of postage, shipping options, and payment deadlines.

The books shall be shipped as soon as they arrive at a TFN Outpost so keep your optics on your inboxes for more details soon.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for supporting this book, and the team of creators behind it. The response has been overwhelming.

The TFNation Crew


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