With the days slowly but surely vanishing before TFNation starts, it’s been great to hear folks talking about us, and their hopes for the event. Nowhere has this been more noticeable than on Youtube, where a mix of new and familiar faces have been talking TFNation…. So we thought we’d give them a shout out. Note we have had to split this into parts, due to the volume of folks now posting videos, so more will be shared soon! Also assume videos are NTSW due to language and, while some of them state OFFICIAL in their titles, they are not produced by TFNation.

First off, it’s SoundwaveSG1 (Tony Thrustle) counting down the days while offering a range of advice to attendees in his etiquette video. The unofficial YouTube cheerleader of TFNation, minus the pom-poms… 

TheCollector75 (Graham) talks about his history of conventions and his personal reasons for taking the leap back into attending events. More than any vid, this sums up the feelings of many YouTubers who may be bold on-camera but find crowds more intimidating…. All the more reason to make the effort to go say hi to these folks, and don’t assume others will always make the first move to socialise. 

Then we have the entertaining Xortrider who combines a review of last year’s event with his hopes for this year. Glad to hear the Hilton Buffet is held in such high demand, and more proof that our attendees work hard to make everyone feel welcome…… though we really hope everyone attending the Hilton has made an effort to buy a ticket

Skullgrin140 (Sami) has had a busy year of it, but we are glad to see him back posting on his channel and talking TFNation. He talks about his hopes and fears for the event, as well as the convention in general.

It’s always a good day when we can thoroughly shock TFKnowlsey (John) with a guest reveal and it’s great to see him so excited for our event. Lots of vids and v-logs from him so we will simply link to his recent guest reaction and let you check out his other vids from there. Knowlsey, we will see you in the bar! 

Ataku solo 90 is a youtuber making TFNation 2017 his first Transformer convention. Videos like this remind us we all had to take that first step into the community and it can seem quite daunting. We hope he will have a great time and a few of us will be keeping our eyes out for him, in the bar, to ensure he gets a good welcome! 

And finally for this batch, we have a great vid from SMSNO1 Dave and FORGEDSERKET Emalie who run through a Q&A covering a whole bunch of TFN aspects, the merits of shopping lists, using your partners paypal account…. and the desire to watch Knowlsey blogs…. The banter is brilliant!

With so many videos popping up, we are saving some for the next batch. Thankyou to all spreading the word of TFN, we really are grateful for your support :-)