Welcome to TFNation: Declassified – where we, the convention team, provide important information and behind-the-scenes updates on TFNation 2016. 

While we are rightly proud of the organisational work that has gone into all aspects of the convention, we felt it right to start with a summary on some of the key elements our attendees have been asking about.


We have commissioned a brand new, custom built website which will boast the following features:

Same day ticket confirmation emails, for peace of mind.

Print your own tickets (or bring them along on your smart phone).

Keep track of your purchase history, and know exactly what you have bought.

The best possible security features, to keep you safe during the booking process, and beyond.

Guest profiles, travel and safety guides and, of course, the convention schedule, as we near the event itself.

The website is around 90% complete, meaning we will soon be entering our final testing stage. 


Tickets will be available early in the new year. Prices will be announced a couple of weeks in advance.


In partnership with the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, we have negotiated a great room discount for our attendees resulting in around 50% off standard public prices. 

The hotel discount will go live at the same time as ticket sales. We will provide further information in advance.

Most debit card providers allow attendees to reserve a room in advance, with payment due on arrival. For those managing their money, this is worth investigating. We will update attendees with the specific types of card shortly.

As the convention develops, we aim to offer as many room choices as possible. For our first year, we ask our attendees to be patient, especially with so many expressing an interest in joining us.


While we have been inspired and supported by many to bring new workshops and presentations to TFNation, more ideas are always welcome. If you would like to suggest an idea or event, be it something you want to see or something you yourself can bring to TFNation, please drop us a line at info@tfnation.com