This most recent declassified post is certainly one for the creative spirits out there!


Hitting stands this week is the first issue of IDW’s latest Transformer series TILL ALL ARE ONE, chronicling the drama of Cybertron following the Combiner Wars and the inevitable results of powerful sentient beings somehow leaving Starscream in charge…. Yes, Starscream… Still?…. really?... that sneaky little sonova…. Anyway, you can be sure the events that unfold will be memorable, and brought to you in style by the wonderfull team of Mairghread Scott (w) Sara Pitre-Durocher (a) and Priscilla Tramontano (c).

To celebrate this, our friends over at the mighty TRANSMISSIONS podcast have commissioned an exclusive cover variant for issue#1, created by Alex Milne and Josh Perez that homages the cover of US G1 issue 18, itself the basis for our very own Brit G1 cover, issue 69. You can order the variant by going to the official order page at
Now we are aware that many British fans (including us) will want to purchase the cover, since we hear great things about the first issue, the podcast has a strong following on this side of the pond, and we have the cover artist (the lovely Alex) at TFNation. Therefore, we have teamed up with Transmissions to offer our attendees a special deal. When ordering, if you state the issue is for pickup at TFNation the postage will be reduced to $2 per issue (normally anywhere between $8 and $12 for the UK and Europe) and you will be able to grab your freshly delivered cover variant at TFNation. Alex has already confirmed he is happy to sign copies for fans, so it all works out rather nicely!

In addition, if folks order promptly, the Transmissions may just see if they can sneak in the odd extra piece of signage, for their UK con fans…. No confirmation of who, but hopefully a nice treat for purchasers to kick off their TFN weekend. 

NOTE: At present, this offer is based on a minimum of 25 total pre-orders specifying pickup at the UK TFNation convention, therefore please let the Transmissions team know of your interest asap!


One of the elements that the TFNation team most enjoys hearing about most from its attendees, is the progress on their many and varied Cosplays. We announced the TFN:Cosplay Competition fairly recently, but already social media is starting to bubble with robot chasis, head designs and fabric costumes.

We released pictures of some of some of the trophies up for grabs… but with so many folks getting involved, and with the subsection of “humanised” Transformer costumes growing so quickly, we are pleased to confirm that yes... there will be trophies for the humanised entries too!

Remember folks, please tag your progress pictures with 
#TFNation so everybody can join in the spirit of the competition!

Applications to enter the cosplay competition at TFNation 2016 are not open yet. Please check back closer to the event and keep an eye out for further transmissions regarding the cosplay contest, its rules categories and prizes.


Finally, but certainly not least, we have heard a distant Haiku of sea song from the honorary Brit himself, Peter Spellos!

The voice actor behind Robots In Disguise Sky-Byte is planning a weekend Improv Comedy/ Acting class in London, this October. The details are still being worked out but Peter has initially suggested two days of 12-5pm classes. Now while Peter has put the word out there publicly, he has requested interested parties contact him via his facebook - - directly as he is setting up a private group to continue the planning process with those interested.

Peter is a quite remarkable gentleman whose positivity and warm heart made him many friends in the UK over the last few years. You can expect the class to touch on many aspects of his screen and voice work, as well as his own, incredible, story. More on this, when we know it!