TFN Declassified: Entry 16 – Feedback

As you read this, some of the TFNation crew have still yet to return to TFN towers after a memorable first convention. While we will no doubt join our attendees in seeking a bit of rest and recovery, we have always maintained that TFNation is an ongoing project and so we have already set elements in motion for the future. In order to make sure we build on this years’ experience, we need to get feedback from a range of groups, not least ofwhich is our most important contributor: you!

Running any form of feedback process through social media, however, is not the best way to ensure all our participants’ voices are heard. Likewise, scouring for single comments on vids and posts does not give us a clear picture of everyone’s experience, or give an accurate account of how a particular aspect has been received, and that includes any responses to this post. That is why we are currently working on email surveys, tailored for attendees, Forge members, traders or guests that we aim to release before the end of the week. We will obviously highlight the survey when we send it out but please keep this in mind as we all claw back that missing sleep, pack away the cosplay plans and re-arrange our more crowded toy shelves!

In addition to email feedback, the crew met with Leigh-Anne from the Hilton team this morning, to go over the event and how we felt it went. We have had a great working relationship with the hotel this year and it is heartening to see we already have several areas of agreement where TFNation can offer more to its attendees next year. Watch this space.

Of course, one element of the community that doesn’t hang about when giving their thoughts is the Transformers Youtube community. The following links are a selection of those folks who have already put their hauls and thoughts to camera, so have a watch and see if you feel the same! We will release a full post of haul and review vids in a week or so, in order to include everyone.


waspshot23 - Ben

Vigadeth - Dorian

Skullgrin140 - Sami

The Film Guy - Charles

craggylotus – Craig

JackTheAnimator4972 – Jack

000FIRESTORM1989 - Sam