TFNation 2016 is shaping up to be a fantastic event, with a mix of new attendees, features and guests, together with the best of convention staples. While most of these new elements have now been revealed, there is one we have yet to reveal, an experiment aiming to celebrate our love of Transformer stories in a unique way, which will hopefully spark all our imaginations!

A pet project of TFNation member Adam White, PERCHANCE TO DREAM invites attendees, in the late hours of Friday night, to hear a selection of Transformer stories, read aloud by members of the community. These stories, chosen from across thirty of the franchise, will cover everything from passages of 80’s children’s books to chapters from current wreckers-based text, and will be read in the range of styles that our guests bring to the evening. The speakers for this event will be as follows;

Adam Nicol 
With a voice familiar to many, Adam "Grufflock" Nicol has lent his vocals to countless podcasts and audio readings, not least of all his work through the Old Oil House podcast. Recently Adam has moved into more official projects, a testament to his hard work and dedication.

George Daniel Lea
Author of the gripping, emotive horror compendium Strange Playgrounds and the upcoming collaborative project Born in Blood, George is also well-known for his eloquent social media posts and youtube discussions. We hope George will also give us a reading from one of his own stories, during the event.

Matt Clarke
A central part of the TF community, Matt has been involved in numerous podcast teams, managing or guesting, over the last decade. In addition, he has provided work for fan-dub projects and his own timey2wimey youtube channel

Adam White
A former member of the Underbase podcast, and TFNation team member, Adam is grateful for the chance to host this first event and hopes this will be the catalyst for more to come.
We hope our attendees find the range of styles, and stories, refreshing, regardless of age or continuity, and serve as a low-key, but rewarding, end to our first convention day.

This, along with our other events, can be found in our official schedule.