Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID:  000051
Operation: Rev and Rule#3 – a pair of Bees hit a Barricade

With speed, energy and brightness more than enough to lift spirits in the battle against the Decepticons, no matter how grim the situation may appear, TFNation 2016 is pleased to announce the appearance of a dynamic duo of movie Bumblebees, courtesy of our great friends at

Badass movie Bee

The sleek 2013 Yellow/Black Chevrolet Camaro will be instantly familiar to all movie-goers as the alt-mode of the character who not only cut a serious swathe through the Decepticon ranks, but also put up with Shia for three movies!



The Bumblebee that most represents our battered, but beloved, original figures we still keep in our collections, this 1977 Yellow/Black Chevrolet Camaro is a huge draw, full of character. The TCH team will be ensuring they don’t park it too close to any people-carriers in the Hilton Car Park… don’t want Bee to start picking new modes, just yet!

With a heroic duo of Bees, it’s only fair that we balance the scales with an extremely popular bad boy, in the form of everybody’s favourite ‘con…



A hugely impressive 2007 Saleen S281 Mustang in black and white.  Seen up close, it is a beast of a vehicle, with its “Enslave” plates and logo… so you’d think fans would give this menace a wide berth.

To top it all off, these replica cars will be joined by the TCH team in full N.E.S.T. cosplay!   


After already allowing us to welcome G1 Sideswipe and G1 Bumblebee, it is clear the team at have gone the extra mile for TFNation attendees this year!

Photo opportunities will be available, with a small fee charges for up close and personal shots.  As ever, all cybertronians appear subject to work (and intergalactic war) commitments!

Further transmissions to follow.



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