Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 000049
Operation: Rev and Rule#2: G1 Bumblebee

The team at have already brought the noise to TFNation 2016 with G1 Sideswipe. That announcement went down incredibly well with our attendees... so you can imagine how excited we were to learn that they were also busy restoring another Cybertronian to working order for his TFNation debut... G1 Bumblebee!

As you can see from the pictures, the work that has gone into this vehicle is so good, even Sparkplug would be impressed! This VW Beetle has been upgraded to perfectly reflect the G1 era mini-bot in all his yellow glory!

The TCH team are delighted to bring this original G1 character to life for you - and with their team in attendance at TFNation, it means fans, petrol heads and those interested in restoring and customising cars will have the perfect excuse to find out more from the folks who made it happen.

Bumblebee will be posing for photos all weekend. For an up close and personal picture a small fee will be charged. We haven't asked about hug costs... but, whatever they are, they'll be worth it!

As is always the way, all disguised Cybertronians appear subject to work (and battle) commitments... that said, we are pretty sure we can still hear another engine or two in the distance... 

Further transmissions to follow.


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