Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 000059
Operation: Reports From The Front Line.

High Command (tea-drinking division) wishes to extend its sincere thanks to all those who assembled to fight the Decepticon threat in Birmingham last month. With so many operatives still reporting in, we thought it was wise to pass on this vital update!

Reflector’s Studio

Capturing the spirit of the event, we have a large number of digital photographs taken by the Decepticon spy Reflector. Please familiarise yourselves with them by clicking the link below:

Geeky Brummie Radio

Whilst reviewing the photos, we strongly advise our operatives to tune into the latest Geeky Brummie radio show, in the link below. The Birmingham-based radio team sent two intrepid agents, George and David, to our first event and their report (throughout the first hour of their show) features excerpts from the Pretenders Cosplay Panel as well as interviews with Richard Newman, the Angry Birds team and TFNation’s own Isa and Adam.

The team can also be followed via their Facebook page at

The Transformers Youtube community

Finally, a quick reminder that Youtubers are still uploading their reviews and toy hauls from TFNation 2016. To browse the most recent uploads, follow the below link.

TFNation will return in 2017. Mission date to be announced shortly.

Further transmissions to follow.


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