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Operation: Enter the Old Guard

The closing of 2015 marks the beginning of a new chapter.


We are honoured to welcome Andrew to the crew as TFNation’s head of publishing. Andrew has contributed artwork, prose stories and editorial skills to various fanzines, comics and convention exclusive publications over the decades.

A Transmasters UK veteran, Andrew is particularly knowledgeable about the original Marvel UK run of Transformers comics. We are sure his guiding hand will help the crew to ensure there is something for all generations of fans at TFNation.

David and Steven M

The Mapes twins are well known members of the Transformers online community and the founders of the Transformers At The Moon website. They are perhaps best known for their hugely impressive collection of rare ‘lucky draw’ Transformers. To this day they still provide displays and panels to numerous conventions.

Using their professional skills, David and Steve have custom built a bespoke ticket sales website for the convention, with an emphasis on security and ease of use. The site will be launched soon and we think you’ll agree it is everything our attendees deserve.

Our 2016 crew is now fully assembled. Stay tuned for breaking news later this week.

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