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We offer complimentary Essential Companion tickets to those attendees who require additional support in the form of a carer in order to enjoy our events.

In order to offer this we need to first verify attendees suitability by asking that they provide some evidence of their need for substantial, significant or frequent support.

Q1. How do I apply for an Essential Companion Pass?

To apply for an essential companion pass you must contact us at with details of why the additional support is required, and evidence to support your application, for us to verify.

Once we receive the evidence the team can make a decision regarding your application. If approved, the attendee will need to purchase their ticket(s) for the event and then email us with their booking reference and the full name and date of birth of the essential companion they wish for us to add to the booking. We will then update the booking with the additional ticket and send you an email confirming this has been done. The extra ticket will appear under your order history, where it can also be downloaded at any time.

Q2. What forms of evidence do you accept?

The evidence we accept includes:

  1. A copy of any Nimbus / Access Card for us to verify.
  2. A copy of the PIP decision letter showing the first page with the full name/address and headed paper clearly visible; the assessment page which is usually the second to last page; and the mobility scores which are normally on the last page. If you are not within the UK, then we ask for a copy of the equivalent documentation from your country of residence.
  3. A copy of any benefit entitlement (optional).

Q1. What is a Mini-Con?

TFN: Mini-con® is the name we have chosen for our single day events. As the name suggests the event will be a smaller version of our 3-day summer convention. There will still be guests, traders, panels and the chance to socialise with friends all within a hotel location whilst being close to rail and road transport.

Q2. Will there be traders?

Yes, TFN: Mini-con®s will feature a trading area filled with Transformers goodness!

Q3. Why Manchester?

Manchester has a vibrant fanbase and excellent transportation links which make it idea for TFN: Mini-con®.

We hope to hold TFN: Mini-con®s in varying locations and decided to start with Manchester following the strong attendance of our Manchester The Gathering event.

Q4. Will there be a Friday or Sunday programme?

TFN: Mini-con® has been specifically planned as a one day event, so right now there are no plans to add additional days, but we'll always listen to feedback from our attendees.

Q5. Is there a hotel discount rate?

As TFN: Mini-con® has been planned as a one day event, there is no specific overnight attendee rate.

Attendees who do require accommodation are free to visit the hotel's website, or any other major hotel booking site.

Q6. Will there be any exclusive merchandise?

Yes! When purchasing your ticket, you will be given the option to buy exclusive TFN: Mini-con® merchandise including our Tour Shirts (in feminine and unisex cuts) and our Teddy Bear companion.

Merchandise is available for pre-order only at this time, so be sure to get your orders in to avoid missing out!

Q7. Why The Piccadilly Hotel?

The Picadilly Hotel is a great venue with a friendly events team.

The hotel is situated very close to Manchester Piccadilly railway station, making it easily accessible to attendees from both the north and south of the UK.

The rail links also mean the hotel is easy to reach from Manchester Airport, which is great for attendees looking to fly in from Ireland, or even further afield as part of a longer holiday!

The hotel features two bars and restaurants and a spa, for when you may desire a little time away from big fighting robots!

Q8. Is the venue accessible?

Yes! There are wheelchair ramps outside of the hotel, and all floors can be reached easily by lifts. 

Our function rooms, based on the the first and second floors, are accessible via lifts and stairs and feature wheelchair-friendly doorways.

For attendees staying overnight, please visit the hotel's website to see the accessible bedroom options available to you.

Q9. Is there parking nearby?

There are numerous secure carparks within a short stroll of the hotel.

For attendees staying on site, the hotel also has it's own secure parking facility which can be accessed for an additional charge.

Q10. What are the food and beverage options?

On the ground floor of the venue, you will find the hotel's fully-stocked bar and restaurant, which serves a variety of dishes including vegetarian and vegan options.

On the first floor, next door to our event space, you will find the Scottish Steakhouse (plant-based options are available) which also doubles as the breakfast area for overnight residents.

Finally you will also find another bar area within our event space, which carries a lighter offering for when you're grabbing a drink or snack on the way to a panel.

Q11. What's nearby?

Within a short stroll of the hotel you will find "Escape to Freight Island" which is a streetfood and entertainment area.

Within a 10-15 minute walk you will find yourself in Manchester City Centre where you can visit geeky delights such as Travelling Man Comics, Forbidden Planet and the stores found within Manchester's Arndale Shopping Centre.

With many shops, cinemas and restaurants on our doorstep, we know you're going to love the location for our first TFN: Mini-con®!