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TFNation® Attendee Photography Policy

The following is the attendee photography policy for events operated by TFNation Ltd (hereafter TFNation®).


Within the scope of this policy, “attendee” means any person present at a TFNation® event, other than recognised TFNation® Staff / Volunteers.


A. Amateur Photographers

TFNation® permits amateur, non-flash photography within convention rooms, unless an exception applies (see “Exceptions” section). Attendees must seek the prior consent of the person being photographed before taking images.

During some events, attendees may be asked to refrain from obtaining photographs, images, video or audio footage and/or recordings for child protection reasons.

B. Professional Photographers

Professional photography (ie – photography with a SLR type camera with changeable lense capabilities) and video / sound recording which has not been prearranged is not allowed. If in doubt please seek advice from TFNation®.


Photography is not allowed where a ‘No Photography Policy’ exists in relation to any particular programme items or other such aspects of the event. Where this is the case, TFNation® staff will announce that photography is not permitted.

If photography is interrupting a programme item, TFNation® staff are at liberty to request that no further photographs be taken.

Any attendees who ignore / fail to comply with a “No Photography Policy” may be asked to delete images, footage or other video or audio footage they have recorded.

Any attendee who refuses to delete such footage, or continues to breach a “No Photography Policy” will be deemed to have committed a serious breach of TFNation® rules as defined in section 8 of the TFNation Ticket Terms and Conditions Document, which is available for viewing within the legal section of the TFNation® website. In the circumstances the attendee may be expelled from the event by TFNation® staff, with no refund offered.

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