TFNation 2019 schedule

The schedule uses the below colour codes to indicate the room in which the panel/activity is taking place. Gundam related panel times are not yet available.
Trader Hall (Monarch Suite)
Panel Room (Kings)
2nd Panel Room (Pavilion)
Gundam Wing (Warwick)


10:00 - Registration & Merch Collection
11:30 - Meet The Team -
Not sure what to expect? Meet our hosts who will explain what the weekend has to offer!
12:00 - Re-Animated! -
Join Marty Isenberg for an introduction to the two- part finale to the fan-favourite Animated series
13:00 - Visionaries -
The Knights of the magical light make their presence known at TFNation! Behind the scenes views from the Mapes brothers.
14:00 - Stop! Go! -
Enter a world of Stop Motion Transformations, with Joe Powell.
15:00 - Future Tense -
John-Paul Bove, Simon Furman and Jim Sorenson tease their future projects.
16:00 - Gundam Matinee -
Suit up and tune in to this special movie presentation!
18:00 - BREAK
18:30 - Reopens -
Take your seats as we prepare for our evening entertainment.
19:00 - Matrix Test -
Human Transformers database Chris McFeely hosts the team quiz of the year - will you pass, The Matrix Test?
20:00 - Transformers Oddities -
A unique insight into the Transformers projects that never were, with insight from Chris McFeely and Jim Sorenson.
21:00 - Registration Closes
21:00 - Movie Night -
Lights, camera, action! Bee all that you can Bee, on TFN movie night!


08:30 - Registration & Merch Collection
09:00 - Opening Ceremony -
We welcome our guests and learn what TFNation 2019 has to come!
10:00 - All Doors Open To Weekend Ticket Holders
10:30 - All Doors Open To General Entry
10:00 onwards - Zaku Photo's and 'My First Gunpla' giveaway -
Taking place all day within the Gundam Wing you can have your photograph taken with a Zaku, 'My First Gunpla' giveaways with tools and support will be held and Gundam merchandise will be on sale.
11:00 - Infiltration -
IDW retrospective Part 1, with Simon Furman, EJ Su, Nick Roche & Kris Carter
11:00 - Comedy Improv' Tutorial -
Peter Spellos guides you through the ins and outs of improv!
12:00 - Gregg Berger -
Gregg Berger, voice of G1 Grimlock, talks about his acting career.
12:00 - Intro to Gundam & Gunpla -
Join Gurinder as he introduces you to the worlds of Gundam and Gunpla
13:00 - A Boulder Future -
Behind the scenes chat with the team behind Transformers Cyberverse
13:00 - Gundam Photography & Posing -
How to pose and photograph your models by Tristan Rivera AKA TR13
14:00 - Marty Isenberg -
A sit down interview with the creative powerhouse, Marty Isenberg.
14:00 - Meet and Greet TR13 -
Tristan (TR13) will be available on a table for an hour for an informal talk with visitors and generally happy to chew the fat about Gunpla, robots and anything else.
15:00 - Brian Drummond -
Jetstorm is no drone! Vegeta is over 9000! And Brian Drummond is here!
15:00 - Transformers UK: Open Door -
Dave Shorter discusses the Facebook community which supports people through times of mental health.
15:00 - Speed Build Competition -
20-30 participants go all out to see who's the fastest builder in the west ... err or at TFNation anyway. Spaces are limited and the winner will get a prize.
16:00 - Panel Room Closes
16:00 - Registration Closes
16:00 - Cosplay Contest Pre-Judging
17:00 - All Doors Close
17:00 - Cosplay Contest Pre-Judging
18:00 - Welcome to Clubcon -
Take your seats for the Transformers entertainment event of the year!
18:20 - Pretenders Cosplay -
Clubcon begins with the annual Cosplay parade and competition.
19:00 - TF Animated: Part 1 of 3 -
Part One - Transformers Animated Series Four Audio Drama
19:30 - Commercial Break -
At TFN there's more to intermissions than meets the eye
19:40 - TF Animated: Part 2 of 3 -
Part Two - Transformers Animated Series Four Audio Drama
20:00 - One Shall Stand -
Who will survive in this elimination quiz?
20:30 - TF Animated: Part 3 of 3 -
Part Three - Transformers Animated Series Four Audio Drama
21:00 - Intermissions
21:15 - The Improvacons -
A night of comedy improvisation with Peter Spellos and friends. Not to be missed!


08:30 - Registration & Merch Collection
10:00 - All Doors Open
10:30 - Introduction -
Our hosts explain what the day has to offer
11:00 - Escalation -
IDW Retrospective part 2, with James Roberts and Nick Roche
11:00 - Modding 101 with TR13 -
Beginners guide to modifying your models with Tristan Rivera AKA TR13
12:00 - Animated: a Retrospective -
Marty Isenberg discusses the history of Transformers Animated.
13:00 - Something you Haven't Seen Before
Trader Paul Hitchens gives you a rare look through Spacebridge's archives.
13:00 - Cosplay Panel -
Hear what's new in the world of cosplay, from some of our most talented attendees.
14:00 - Seeds of the Future -
The story of Beast Machines, with Marty Isenberg and Jim Sorenson.
14:00 - Voice Over and Out! -
Gregg Berger, Brian Drummond and Peter Spellos discuss the business!
14:00 - Registration Closes
15:00 - Regeneration -
IDW Retrospective Part 3 with Brian Ruckley and Andrew Griffiths
15:00 - Gundam Raffle Prize Winners -
The winners of the Gundam raffle shall be announced.
16:00 - Peter Spellos -
Sky-Byte, that's him! A sit down interview with your favourite shark,
16:00 - Trader Hall Closes
16:00 - Gundam Wing Closes
17:00 - TFN Round Table -
Team TFNation take your questions.
17:30 - Closing Ceremony -
A Final chance to say goodbye to our guests.
* - Times and panels are subject to change