Natephoenix: Comics and Art

Hello folks!

I'm Nate (or Natephoenix) and i'm a semi-pro freelance comic artist.

I've worked on comics for several 3rd party releases (Unrustable B*stards, KFC Junkions, Warbotron, etc) and i've been selling prints at every TFNation other than the first, where I cosplayed as Marvel's Death's Head.

I like drawing stuff that people don't usually sell prints of, like Spaceships and City-Modes, which folks have enjoyed so expect to see more of those!

I'm a big fan particularly of the 2005 IDW continuity, as that's what got me back into Transformers after G1 and Beast Wars, though I tend to love every element of the franchise (I haven't seen the Unicron Trilogy as yet though!)

Looking forward to seeing all of you when we're next allowed to meet up IRL!

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