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This page has been designed to help answer your questions regarding Peter Cullen's appearance at TFNation 2020.

If you are looking for information relating to our VIP Packages including ticket pricing please read our announcement post which contains further information.

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Q29. How will the assigned seating work? Can I reserve spots for my friends?

We will not be assigning seats, the VIP pass allows you early access to the room so you can choose to sit wherever you wish. You can’t reserve seats for people without early access, as when the doors open to general ticket holders all seats become available.

Q30. What will I miss out on if I go to see Peter Cullen?

We've done our best with the schedule to ensure as few clashes as possible, but some are unavoidable. Our full schedule will be released before tickets go on sale in February. However, please note the schedule is subject to change.

Q31. Will Peter be at the Saturday evening show and will there be a script reading?

Peter will not be at the evening show in any official capacity.

Q32. I’m not interested in Peter Cullen, does this mean you have fewer voice artists than usual?

TFNation prides itself on appealing to as much of the Transformers fandom as possible and have always tried to have guests which cover the breadth of the franchise. This year is no exception and we continue to bring you a wide selection of guests including multiple voice actors.

Q33. What if I'm sick or can't attend for a good reason can I get a refund?

TFNation’s standard policy is that there are no refunds on ticket purchases.

Q34. What happens if Peter Cullen cancels?

We will make a public post within 7 days of any cancellation. If we cannot find a replacement guest of commensurate stature within 28 days, or if you decline a ticket transfer, then we will issue refunds. All funds shall be securely held until we know the event will proceed, so you have no reason to worry about refunds. We also hold cancellation insurance with one of the world's largest bespoke event insurers, to give you extra piece of mind.

Q35. I have misplaced my pass, what do I do?

We can find you on our system, but you’ll need to turn up early so we can transfer your ticket information to a new wristband number. Proof of identification may be required.

Q36. Can I resell my ticket if I can’t go later on?

No. Tickets for TFNation are non-transferable as per our Terms and Conditions.