Jack Lawrence

Jackfirst came to the attention of TF fans through his work with the TRANSMASTERScommunity in the 1990s, working with the likes of Nick Roche and James Roberts.His comics journey has come full circle recently, joining James and Alex Milneas part of the new creative team for the MTMTE follow-up LOST LIGHT, issue#1 ofwhich will be released shortly.

Alongthe way, Jack has worked for a wide range of publishers, from Dark Horse toImage comics, Panini, 2000ad and many more, covering characters such as TMNT,Dr Who, Sinister Dexter, Skylanders and Jackie Chan... Tell us you wouldn’tlike to see those last two in a crossover! In addition, you can also findJack’s work in many reference books, from the likes of Eaglemoss Publicationsand Hatchette UK.

Fans ofindependent comics may also be familiar with Jack’s ongoing collaboration withAdam Lawrence, TINPOT HOBO, following a crew of Custodians as they try toenforce the law in the chaos of space. For those unfamiliar with the project,check out the official website at http://www.tinpothobo.com/home.html where you can findcharacter bios, ship descriptions and much more about this well thought out andimmersive universe.

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