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The IDW Pillar

We have another comics-sourced guest to announce, a veteran of several iterations of the books in fact: current IDW Transformers artist Andrew Griffith!

Starting his work on IDW comics alongside Chris Mowry in the 2009 prequel to live-action movie Revenge of the Fallen series Defiance, Griffith has since taken part ...

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The Man Behind the -Ation

TFNation 2019 has a bit of a big name to announce, hailing from Taiwan and the artistic world of the Transformers, and another UK first appearance: Transformers comics and packaging artist E.J. Su!

Anyone who had been following the IDW comics prior to the current reboot will remember Su ...

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This is the Captain Speaking

In his first Transformers convention appearance on our shores, TFNation is proud to announce another voice actor for 2019: Brian Drummond, voice of Transformers Beast Machines Jetstorm!

One of the major players in the series, Jetstorm is but one of the many characters that Drummond has lent his talents to ...

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Cosplay applications are now open

With less than five months to go until TFNation 2019 we are pleased to open applications for our Cosplay Competition.

The competition takes place during Saturday night's ClubCon event, and is split into two categories: Mech and Human.

Mech Cosplay: Includes full and partial rig costumes, which replicate the ...

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Suit Up, for The Gundam Wing at TFNation

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of one of earth's most popular robot/mech franchises, we are thrilled to introduce you to... The Gundam Wing at TFNation!

Since our first convention, we have always celebrated robot franchises which have lived alongside our Cybertronian friends. 2016 was the year of ...

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