Trader Application Form

Welcome to the TFNation 2019 Dealer Interest form.

The purpose of this form is to gauge interest in the available trading space in our dealer room. Please keep the following points in mind;

  1. This is not a booking form and no payment is required at this stage.
  2. Once your interest is registered we will either approve or decline your request. We have limited dealer space so unfortunately there may not be room for everybody.
  3. One dealer unit measures approximately 6' (1.83m) wide and 10' (3.05m) deep. Height restrictions may apply.
    • Each unit contains one front table and two backing tables, each measuring 6 foot long by 2.5 foot wide. You may position these in any formation so long as they do not extend beyond the maximum area of your allocated space. (Restrictions will apply to keep fire exits and aisles clear). In some instances slightly larger tables may be used at no additional cost to you.

Full terms and conditions will be available at the payment stage.