Meet The Crew


Best known as the stripe-wearing, former deputy head of Auto Assembly, Billy helped to keep Europe's largest Transformers@reg; convention running smoothly over the past 6 years.

We are pleased to have Billy turn his Magnus-style eye for organisation in TFNation's direction. Duly appointed enforcer of the TFN Accord, we know Billy will keep the convention on course for the benefit of all attendees, whilst ensuring they know EXACTLY where the fire escapes are.

David R

If the TFNation@reg; team has learned one thing from its collective experiences, it's that details matter! This is where David comes in, as the convention's embodiment of operations, compliance and logistics.

David is already hard at work proposing and developing exciting segments for our convention next summer, as well as keeping a watchful eye over all paperwork and checking the finer details to ensure everything is... logical.

TFNation@reg; can depend on David to get the job done efficiently and effectively with zero fuss. Best of all, he will be doing all of this with a pleasing lack of stripes!


During her time at Auto Assembly, Tori was the chief guest liaison, maintaining relationships with the voice acting community throughout the year to ensure the actors and their families were taken care of in the run up to the conventions. In addition, Tori also served as head first-aider for several years, always on hand to assist.

An exceptional cosplayer, she can always be depended on to liven up any event with her incredible creations. A skilled and creative member of team TFNation@reg;, for sure!


TFNation@reg; is delighted to welcome its very own Reflector to the team!

Conventions, concerts, weddings, sporting events and artistic projects - there really is much more to Nick than meets the lens!

Be sure to view Nick's online portfolios for a flavour of the breathtaking art he will be bringing to TFNation@reg;. If you want to get involved in future projects, let him know! (, On Facebook)

Wait for it!... David W

In his role as Master of Ceremonies, David was undeniably the face and voice of Auto Assembly in recent years. We are thrilled to have him join team TFNation@reg;.

Even if you never had the opportunity to visit AA, the likelihood is you will still recognise David's dulcet tones, be it from the Moonbase 2 and Underbase podcasts, or from the fan-favourite youtube channel under the handle of KalelPrime.

If Billy is the straight man of the TFNation 2016 stage, then expect Dave to provide the laughter, conversation and more than a little audience participation!

Adam W

Adam W is a great example of TFNation's community aims - his questions and insights into the convention were so useful, we gave him a job!

You will almost certainly recognise Adam/Ad8m/Dadum, whether it be from any of the many events he has been involved with over the years, from his dulcet tones as one of the hosts of the Underbase Podcast, or even just as the guy who organises those great big group photos at conventions and meet-ups.

Adam W's goal is the same as TFNation's; a safe and friendly convention for all. Expect to see him manning the TFNation@reg; welcome desk and assisting people throughout the event, as well as providing advice and guides for new-comers via social media, in the build-up to next August.


Perhaps best known as a member of Auto Assembly's AV team and the former administrator of its Tumblr account, Isa has agreed to bring her social media skills to TFNation@reg; - be sure to follow her updates at and @tfnationltd on Twitter.

Away from the Transformers@reg; community, Isa is a professional Theatre Designer and Scenic Artist. We are truly lucky to have her lend her skills to TFNation@reg;. We are sure she will ensure that everything from our website to the function rooms look the best they can possibly be.

Also a keen cosplayer and member of the fan community, expect to see some exciting new panels added over the coming months.


Comics, commissions, banners and more - if you ever attended an Auto Assembly convention, you almost certainly walked away with a piece of Ed's outstanding art!
We are thrilled that Ed has chosen to lend his creative input to TFNation's new design team.

His talents don't end with pencils either, as Ed will be helping to create many of the conventions graphics, promotional material and literature from the ground up.

For a flavour of his work be sure to check out Ed Pirrie Illustration on Facebook.

Adam S

He may be leaving the country, but he's still joining the Nation!

Recognisable from his time at the Auto Assembly sound booth, if you saw a video at AA then the chances are he was pulling the strings. Adam will be assisting us throughout the year to ensure TFNation@reg; has the best possible sound and video facilities.

On the verge of emigration, Adam is a prime example of TFNation's global family. If you think you live too far away to join the fun, he'll be wanting a word with you!


We are honoured to welcome Andrew to the crew as TFNation's head of publishing. Andrew has contributed artwork, prose stories and editorial skills to various fanzines, comics and convention exclusive publications over the decades.

A Transmasters UK veteran, Andrew is particularly knowledgeable about the original Marvel UK run of Transformers@reg; comics. We are sure his guiding hand will help the crew to ensure there is something for all generations of fans at TFNation@reg;.

David and Steven M

The Mapes twins are well known members of the Transformers@reg; online community and the founders of the Transformers At The Moon website. They are perhaps best known for their hugely impressive collection of rare 'lucky draw' Transformers@reg;. To this day they still provide displays and panels to numerous conventions.

Using their professional skills, David and Steve have custom built a bespoke ticket sales website for the convention, with an emphasis on security and ease of use.